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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Why I Wear Combat Boots

This is a simplified re-post of what I wrote on March 22 [and the springboard for my Butterflies and Battle Boots post of Feb. 2014]. (Please feel free to pin or re-post this shorted explanation.)

I ordered myself some combat boots this week. Yes, you read that right, combat boots!
When I told my mom she was incredulous, saying that when she was a kid one of the highest insults you could give out was, "Your Mama wears combat boots."

Well, hoping they fit well and I can use them, that's exactly what this Mama plans to do!

Why? Because it will be a regular, visible reminder to me that the battle belong to the Lord and to Him alone. Yes, I need to be willing to work with (rather than against) him in these battles (the spiritual and the physical of stroke recovery), but as long as I am doing what I should to suit up for battle (putting on my figurative "combat boots" and the rest of my spiritual armor as well as working hard on my therapies) I need only rest and wait on the Lord for victory.

You may still be scratching your head over why on earth I would ever make such a fashion choice, Confession time here - I would have never imagined myself in combat boots until I saw these adorable flowered ones. They immediately spoke to me that while I am in daily battle here, the journey is cushioned and liberally sprinkled with God's grace, just as these otherwise ugly, utilitarian boots are sprinkled in beautiful roses.

Here's a related article I just found, that I posted about a month before my strokes.
Found at Sweet Blessings.
And let us not grow weary while doing good, for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart. - Galatians 6:9
Edited to add: Read more of the story just past Jenni's 3 year mark and view a three-minute interview that opens with these boots!


  1. Those are so cute, and it must feel so good to wear something other than tennis shoes.

  2. Would you please email me at shortybear.63@att.net I would be so blessed to be your friend, thanks.

  3. Those boots are sooooo cute! Maybe I need some pretty boots like that - I'm sooooooooooo sick of wearing the same pair of running shoes day in and day out.

    1. Karen, I could only wear tennies for well over a year. I was sick of them too. My physical therapist is actually really happy that the boots give me even better ankle support than plain tennis shoes did!

  4. Replies
    1. This is my old account I am now Sandra Parker, long story as to why but interesting it is showing up this way, sorry to babble, just talking to myself lol <3

  5. This is AWESOME! I love your combat-boot-attitude!

  6. Oh man, I am SO getting me some combat boots!! Hope they come in sparkly pink!! lol I, too, have multiple chronic illnesses, both visible and invisible, that have left me disabled and with much of the symptoms you have (including paralyzed esophagus, bowels and bladder - I was surprised to read you have those issues as well, because I haven't met anyone else) due to scarring on the brain stem. I just love your attitude and sweet spirit! God Bless, and hopefully soon I'll be lacing my combat boots up right along with you!!

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