So how did I do for my first ever review? Too cheesy? Too commercial-like? The trouble was, since I really do believe all I wrote, it was hard to come off with a balance of telling you how excited I really am with the product and sounding hyped or fake-ish in any way. The point is, I think you will be thankful if you try any of these products for yourself, but just saying so, without explaining my whys, doesn't sound very effective. Any pointers for the future? (And yes, companies out there, I'm more than happy to review any product that will make strokies' lives easier! If I can't say something nice, I won't say anything at all. Anyone make adult tricycles you would like to have reviewed? ;) )

I'm seeing my ENT tomorrow and will update if there is anything new to share there. Our StrokiePals email pals program still lacks any participation, as far as I understand, so if you are desiring a new pen pal, please take a moment to drop a note of encouragement to someone on that page!

I liked Nine Things Not To Say To Someone With A Brain Injury and could relate to much of the article (what I wish others understood) but I especially liked the Feb 19, 2013 comment quoting "A Letter From Your Brain" (sorry, I couldn't find the original link at the sited website) and highly encourage all my brain injury buddies to read the entire (it is long) thing!

I keep forgetting to share my latest big accomplishments! Last month I was able to stand on my own two feet, without a cane, and, using the broom for support, keep my balance to successfully sweep 1/3 of our back porch! I have even sort of manage a broom within the house a few times since.

And this week I vacuumed a bedroom for the first time since the strokes! I didn't gain any points for style nor artistic expression and it was one the strips on two sides of a double bed that doesn't leave much floor exposed in the 10x10 room, but I did it myself! This was a task, like sweeping, I honestly though I would NEVER do again. I almost landed on the bed in a rather undignified manner, more than once, and it took me a LONG time, but I managed to stay on my feet or plopping down safely onto the bed on my rear end a few times, and the biggest accomplishment was that I managed to navigate a rolling, heavy (hmm, funny, I used to tell people how lightweight this brand is) machine and move it safely around a bedroom and actually accomplish getting junk of the floor. Maybe it sounds like a funny reason for celebration, but I feel so excited, I can hardly stand it!