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Friday, August 19, 2016

Melatonin and Me

I have had seasons of serious sleep issue since the strokes, but right now I am actually in a pretty good place. I sometimes have trouble getting to sleep, and if pain is the cause, pain meds and/or Benadryl typically are the needed solution. Once asleep, now that I had my hysterectomy almost a year back and got through the first six months of hormone changes and playing with supplement and medication levels, I now typically sleep through the night fairly consistently.

While sleep isn't at all bad right now, I wouldn't classify it as great either. I decided to try taking Melatonin, thinking I may be able to improve thing more. I wasn't seeking to really "fix" anything, as much as to improve quality even more.

I took the supplement with dinner. It initially hit me hard and fast. I was so ready for sleep by the time I had been up from the table just ten minutes. I felt like I was "vibrating," my whole body ready to collapse and the tension of fighting to stay upright, taxing!

So far, so good. I anticipated a deeply restful night!

Then my 5th grader needed an hour of homework help. Maybe that's where I messed things up??? (Or maybe that really didn't much change the outcome that was to happen?) I fought cobwebs from my brain and helped him solve several math-related word problems.

When I finally got to lay down, I was out pretty instantly.

But my hubby says I tossed and turned, was fitful, and did not seem to be getting restful sleep AT ALL.

Around 1:30 in the morning, I woke up.

I was WIDE AWAKE until after 4.

My chest was heavy. My mind raced manically (though I did solve two more bonus homework questions from the night before), my pain levels were massively revved up, and I felt like I needed the medication to get worked out of my system so I could actually manage to sleep again.

Sometime before 4:30 I fell asleep and it was finally restful, refreshing sleep.

I guess supplementing my melatonin is NOT a good choice for me! This totally surprised me as I have heard nothing but good reports from other people. My guess is that my brain injuries interfere with the way I process hormones/chemicals (something I already knew, but had never experienced quite so vividly) to create this lovely counter-reaction!

Live and learn.

I am really praying I easily get back to my "OK" pre-supplementation sleep level and that I haven't caused a new issue again!


  1. I'm sorry I recommended melatonin. But it works for me and for Ruth.

    1. Don't feel bad! We don't know if we don't try. My brain is just messed up!

  2. I LOVED the photos - laughed repeatedly.

  3. Wow! You sure had a bad reaction! I tried Melatonin (5 mg) by itself and it didn't help me at all. I then tried it with a nerve medication I take and it helped me sleep all through the night. Everyone's body is so different. I hope you find something that will work for you!