Starting October 25 of 2011, "InfertilityMom," 39-year-old Jennifer Saake (founder of Hannah's Prayer Ministries), experienced 6 strokes, all due to vertebral dissection at a chiropractic office. The largest two strokes were brain stem and cerebellum bleeds. Jenni remained hospitalized until nearly Christmas and was not expected to live (near death experience) nor recover, but if she even survived, she was slated to live out her days in a nursing home or, best case, to maybe come home but wheelchair-bound and needing 24-hour care (please read more and watch short video). Jenni is now walking (with a cane or wheeled walker), has recovered much eye-sight, some hearing, partial use of her hands, cares for most of her own personal/toiletry needs, and is currently writing three books, maintains multiple blogs, and stays active on both Facebook and Pinterest. Near the five-year recovery mark, Jenni has renewed her pre-stroke excitement about the unique Lilla Rose hair Flexi eight jewelry she sells and has finally regained enough hand/arm function to regularly use! (The biggest ongoing losses at the 4 1/2-year point of recovery are left-side nerve pain, inability to drive, loss of homeschool teaching capability, significant sound processing issues (often triggering nausea), and some profound physical ability limitations such as a limp, balance challenges, clumsy use of right hand and only large motor function in left hand.) Here is her resume.

Since Jenni's chiropractor carried no insurance and moved out of the country soon after the accident (thus avoiding any legal or financial consequences), if you would like to help contribute to the Saake (pronounced like the two small words, say and key) family's massive financial needs (medical expenses alone are estimated to cost between $1- and $1.5- Million in Jenni's lifetime), please visit Jennifer Saake's Stroke Survivor GoFundMe Page. (This support information has been added in direct response to several reader requests.) The Saakes sincerely thank you for your prayers and if God prompts and equipts you to send any monetary assistance as well, this is a significant added blessing.

Jenni is clinging to God's grace through the entire experience. Here is her unfolding story, documented in her own words (typing with only her right hand), as she perceives it happening in real time, messy, honest and to the glory of God...

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

13 out of 17


For well over a decade, closer to two decades really, infertility ministry was my life.

There was our own 7-year-journey to bringing home our first living son, another 3 years, two more miscarriages, and 3 1/2 hour surgery, before God added a second bring-home daughter. With her came a post-partum depression saga that lasted about two years. As I was coming out of that deep dark place, God sent surprise miracle son we never dreamed He was planning! 13-years involved in becoming this InfertilityMom!

Not only was I intimately acquainted with pills and shots and surgery methods and basal body temperature charts, I spent thousands of hours researching and documenting things infertility-related and peer-counseling other infertile families across the country and as far away as the United Kingdom and South Africa. I founded a non-profit organization. I wrote a book. While I never had any kind of accredited training, I established myself as an expert on things related to human reproduction.

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I took a jr. high level quiz on female reproductive anatomy yesterday. Folks, this is information I LIVED and BREATHED almost my entire adult life! If there is any subject (other than my Bible) I should absolutely KNOW better than my own finger prints, it should be the bare basics of female reproductive anatomy!

I scored a dismal 13 out of 17. My 13-year-old daughter aced it at 100%.

I feel kicked in the gut. I know this part of my identity was forever altered nearly five years ago. I just didn't grasp how drastically the losses remain.

I am not giving up. Yet I must admit, I'm feeling rather rattled in my confidence when it comes to writing now! If this topic that was so profoundly imprinted upon my very being, was this significantly disintegrated and it's taken me this long to really understand what I've lost, what of my writing skills? No wonder this manuscript is dragging on year after year! I pray it will even be readable, meaningful, impactful, once it ever gets done. Now, I'm not sure. If not, I guess I could always default to the realization that this writing process has been "good therapy," great organizational re-ordering, helpful "brain training." But I've poured my heart, sole, my all into this project, striving to be living life, not just practicing to live it. If only I could cry for emotional release anymore. I so need that right now!


  1. You amaze me how hard you have worked to regain the mental stuff you lost!

  2. You have gained so much, I can't even imagine your being upset at not getting 17. Don't kick yourself. You are doing amazingly well. Wonder if Dad could pass it. He learned so much he didn't want to know!

  3. Of course you are upset. You have aced everything you have studied, but give yourself some grace.