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Thirty-nine-year-old Jennifer Saake (founder, Hannah's Prayer Ministries), experienced 6 strokes via vertebral dissection at a chiropractic office, including brain stem and cerebellum bleeds, in Oct. 2011. Jenni remained hospitalized for nearly 2 months and was not expected to live (near death experience) nor recover, but if she even survived, she was slated to live out her days in a nursing home or, best case, to maybe come home but wheelchair-bound and needing 24-hour care. At 5 years, 7 months God showed how He was writing her story from the beginning.

Jenni is currently writing more books and stays active on both Facebook and Pinterest. Stroke of Grace became In Darkness Sing in early 2018 and has moved, along with all five of Jennifer's active blogs, to one location at JenniferSaake.com.

Since Jenni's chiropractor carried no insurance and moved out of the country soon after the accident (thus avoiding any legal or financial consequences), if you would like to help contribute to the Saake (pronounced like the two small words, say and key) family's massive financial needs (medical expenses alone are estimated to cost between $1- and $1.5- Million in Jenni's lifetime), please visit Jennifer Saake's Stroke Survivor GoFundMe Page. (This support information has been added in direct response to several reader requests.) The Saakes sincerely thank you for your prayers and if God prompts and equips you to send any monetary assistance as well, this is a significant added blessing.

Monday, February 6, 2017

Bread Ties, Blueberries, and Butterflies

[When I get to Heaven] then I shall know fully, even as I have been fully known.

Being married to one, and raising another, ultra-introverted guy, I know 1 Corinthians 13:12 doesn't appeal to all people to the degree it thrills my heart. For you I rest assured that God will care for every need of your heart, giving quiet and rest in abundance! But this extrovert delights at the promise of someday knowing others fully and being completely understood too!

View I woke up to this weekend. My phone didn't capture the glow of the clouds, but it's still pretty.
Here on earth, God's given me a tiny foretaste of that aspect of Heaven in some precious friendships. The one I have with Kathy is so unique. She knows me. Gets me. Maybe about as well as it is possible for one person to know another as a sister. Who else would bring me these and know her gift would be met with squeals of delight?

Kathy knows I collect bread clips because she has helped me repair my hanging blinds with them several times. When she handed them to me, I was giddy and would have jumped for joy if I could have. Kathy was instead rewarded with a huge grin and a hug. :)


It wasn't until later in the day when I realized just how well Kathy knows me though. My ice machine was jammed. We took it apart and Kathy washed it all out. As she pulled a frozen block of ice from beneath the hopper, she said, "There are still blueberries in here!" That's funny because early LAST YEAR our ice machine tried to ingest a bag of frozen blueberries that accidently fell into the machine. We regularly found bonus blueberries floating in our ice water for months thereafter but our treats had stopped for sometime. Sure enough, there were still a dozen berries embedded in the ice block that was jamming our machine last week. Who would even know to comment on the fact, or wash the parts without questing the blue blobs, if she wasn't invested in our lives like this?

As if friendship, deep, knowing, real investment of self, weren't enough, Kathy topped February 1 (henceforth officially know as "Happy Day" in commemoration of Kathy's and my friendship with the butterfly paper towel holder that matches my trivet she gave me for Christmas. *heart*

Yes, by Pioneer Woman, Kendra. From WalMart. :)

And look how perfectly adorable it is with the towels Mom bought me for Christmas a couple years back.


  1. Kathy is one in a million, and I am so glad God brought her into our lives. You are one in a million and I am so glad God gifted me with you.